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The Curriculum at Heron Hill Primary School

​Our personalised, cohesive Heron Hill Curriculum is innovative, forward-thinking and highly relevant.  It is devoted to providing pupils with a broad and deep level of learning, developing fully rounded individuals, fuelling creativity and resulting in positive change.

Curriculum Aims:

  • To excite and enthuse learners
  • To inspire stimulating learning environments, particularly outdoors.
  • To create purposeful, immersive and memorable learning
  • To develop and deepen pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding across the curriculum through a diverse range of themes
  • To ensure a cohesive curriculum, where learning is built on systematically, improving and emphasising consistency and progression throughout the school
  • To equip learners to become agents of change, exploring and championing global causes  
  • To support pupils in exploring challenging and controversial global and social justice issues
  • To help pupils to make sense of our inter-connected world
  • To help pupils to understand their place in the worldwide community, so that they understand their own worth and the worth of others
  • To create strong learning links through a joined-up approach
  • To empower pupils and boost their confidence
  • To allow pupils to display their understanding in multiple ways  
  • To ensure inclusivity through an accessible and relevant curriculum
  • To value, support and celebrate cultural diversity