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Helping your Child with Maths

Year 2 - Year 6: Please log into your child's Home Learning area to access a wealth of maths video clips, games, songs and fun resources to help with learning multiplication tables and number facts.

There are also Quick links on this website's home page to Numbots, Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS), Mathletics and other useful maths websites.

Remember that 'little and often' is the most effective way to learn number facts. We recommend practising on TTRS for 3-4 minutes five times a week - following the '3-4-5 rule'. You can even download the TTRS app onto your 'phone.

It is very important to always give positive messages to children who are learning maths because children pick up on negative attitudes easily. Remind them that maths takes effort but that perseverance pays off: it is not that they can't do it, they just can't do it...yet.

Keep reinforcing the message that maths is fun...because it is!