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Outdoor Learning and Pollinators

Outdoor Learning

We value the natural world and recognise that it has a key part to pay in our children’s education and personal development.

At Heron Hill we are lucky to have 6.5 acres of beautiful grounds that are extensively used by all. This includes; traditional playing fields, woodland, wildflower meadows, a quiet garden, raised beds and fruit trees and our own apiary and ‘bee hide’, all contributing to an environment that provides and sustains the most amazing biodiversity.


We have actively created a variety of planting schemes attracting all manner of bumblebees and solitary bees as well as butterflies, hoverflies and other pollinators and we have some resident honeybees. We have created a rich habitat that attracts hedgehogs, tiny mammals such as field mice and voles, a wide range of visiting birds including owls and kestrels, we even have resident bats! All this makes for a truly rich learning experience for our young people and community visitors. ‚Äč

All our children, from Nursery through to Year 6, enjoy learning in the outdoors on a regular basis, come rain or shine!

Children are encouraged to discover and explore, be curious and ask questions. They may be involved in practical activities such as preparing the raised beds for planting seeds and harvesting their produce, enjoying adventures in the woods creating dens, scavenger hunting or doing stick yoga!

A memorable experience can be enjoyed sharing a story with friends while sat under the willow sculpture or surrounded by wildflowers.

Classes of children will be inspired to draw or write or investigate. Our creative approach to the opportunities our outdoor space provides means that there is something to appeal to everybody. It has the most positive benefit on work produced back in the classroom but also mental wellbeing and skills for life.


We love bees here at Heron Hill! 

We work all the time towards being Friend of Honey bees.

We are working with BBKA to gain this award and will keep you updated on our progress.