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Children's Learning Zone

Warning !

​This page is just for children (there are plenty of other boring pages for adults)

If you use this page you will probably learn lots of really useful things while having fun and you might become much smarter than your friends, unless they start to use it too of course!

The following links take you onto other websites which we trust, like the BBC website for primary school age children and Mathletics. Some of the websites will need you to enter a password which your teacher will give you if you ask nicely!

You can also find out the latest news from the CBBC Newsround site at the bottom if you are feeling really smart.


Are you worried about something?

If you are worried about something and you don't want to, or perhaps you can't tell your parents, teachers or the person who looks after you then don't worry, there is a great charity called Childline who will help you. Clicking on the Childline button here will take you to their website and then you can sign in for free, and either speak to or message someone privately who is there to listen and help you.



Heron Hill School has a subscription to the award-winning platform Linguascope ( This is a website offering interactive resources in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Maori and English to match curriculum requirements.

Organised in topic areas, the materials are presented via a host of immersive multimedia activities. The site covers all topics encountered in lessons throughout the year and also includes printable worksheets. As part of our licence, all our students can access the Linguascope website from home. The website can be used independently by students to consolidate what they have learned in class, revise for upcoming tests, get a head start learning new vocabulary, or even introduce themselves to a new language.

The interactive activities are also tablet-friendly, with FREE iPad and Android apps that students can install on their mobile devices: ​​We encourage all students to log in to Linguascope as often as they can from home, whether for completing a homework assignment or spending 5 minutes revising vocabulary in their spare time or on their way to school. Remember: learning a language does not take years - it takes minutes every day. Practising little and often is key to rapid progress.

Click on the 'Further Information' button above to see examples of web pages.


go to bitesize ►


go to mathletics ►


go to phonics ►

Fun ways to learn phonics, we use this site during lessons at school and you can practice at home.


go to Oxford Owl ►

Oxford Owl is a good site for encouraging reading and helping with maths. You can access 250 free eBooks. An adult needs to register for the books but this is free and straightforward.


go to nrich ►

nrich is run by Cambridge University. It is a useful site aimed at helping both teachers and pupils understand maths.


go to idl ►

idl-cloud is a literacy and specialist dyslexia support website which we use for some of our pupils. If you need to use it your teacher will set up your details to log in. Please go to the site via Google. Type idlcloud into the search bar.



go to game academy ►

Computers are very important in most peoples lives, they control so many of the things we do even if we don't use one ourselves!

Coding is the language computers understand, just like we understand the language English. So if you can learn how to write some coding for computers not only do you get a really cool and useful new skill, but you get to know things that very few other children in the UK understand but virtually all of them use every day - like the code that makes their smartphones or video games work.

Shaun the Sheep's game academy is a really good website that teaches children some of the basics of computer coding through building video based games.

BBC Bitesize for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3