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Physical Education

At Heron Hill School every child is encouraged to engage with as many sporting activities as they can; to be able to participate in physical activities both in and out of school to the best of their ability.

We teach the PE skills covered in the National Curriculum. Throughout the school we encourage the children to develop the skills and knowledge to help them to become proficient in a range of sports. We focus on the skills needed to throw, catch, kick, run, dodge, pass and receive using hands, feet and sticks – then transfer these into small games and eventually into full team sports. We encourage the children to participate in competitive sport against their classmates through intra-school activities in all the KS2 classes. Children are chosen to attend inter-school events with a range of children from different age groups being chosen to represent the school in a variety of activities.

Children showing a particular talent for sports are directed towards the many local clubs and activity centres to further enhance their skills and enthusiasm.

Through physical activity we also teach the children the importance of a healthy lifestyle; the children learn that a balance of what we eat is as important to their physical well-being as the sporting activities they take part in.