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Our science curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that there is a clear progression of learning from a child's first day of nursery until the end of their time in Year 6. We regularly revisit previous learning before introducing new concepts and keywords, thereby ensuring that children can see how their current topics build upon what has been taught in previous years.

We are very fortunate at Heron Hill Primary School to have an expansive and varied outdoor space into which to take our learning. Our grounds lend themselves well to our science provision; whether we are exploring habitats, living things, materials, states of matter or even Earth and space, we have activities in place that can get us out of the classroom to see science in the world all around us.

We aim for activities to be differentiated to ensure that all learners achieve and progress in science. We strive for science sessions to be hands-on and practical learning experiences; most of all, science should always be a fun part of the week!

What do we get up to in science?!

Below are just a few of the things we have enjoyed so far this year!


Exploring freezing and melting; freeing objects trapped in the ice. Which materials are best at protecting eggs when they are dropped onto the hard ground?


Plants: sketching plants we found growing in our garden. How many plants were we familiar with? Using our phonics skills to spell plant names!

Year 2

Plants: testing our helicopter seed models! Did the length of the blades affect the time taken to fall to the ground?

Year 5

Earth and Space: Which variables do we control when investigating the size of impact craters? Determining measurements: height from which to drop our 'meteor'; how to measure the crater?


Electricity: Re-enacting how charged particles flow around a circuit. Evaluating circuit diagrams to determine which circuits will function as expected.


Creating a science-rich environment

We have an extensive selection of science books in our school library that support all aspects of our science curriculum. Teachers regularly use these to enrich science areas in their classrooms. Science displays are in place around school; these both expose children to their current keywords and give them a space on which to share their latest science work.

Year 3: States of Matter Year 3: Animals including Humans


Year 1: Plants Year 5: Earth and Space


Year 5: Animals including Humans Year 5: Observing tadpole metamorphosis!


Want to know more?

Please feel free to explore the documents below that provide up-to-date details about our science curriculum.